Our ‘Quality – Safety – Environment’ Policy (and the resulting objectives) forms the basis of our management system. It is reviewed annually to ensure its alignment with the evolving requirements of customers, the company, and other interested parties


    • To this end, we commit to:


  • Satisfy the applicable legal and regulatory requirements of the company,
    including those related to the environment, health, and safety of
  • Take responsibility for implementing a system ensuring continuous improvement of:
  1. Quality management system to achieve a goal of zero customer complaints,
    improve product quality, increase responsiveness to customer demands,
    and reduce costs.
  2. Environmental management system to ensure better environmental
    performance, improve waste management, and guarantee the handling of
    hazardous materials
  3. Health and safety management system aimed at achieving a zero rate of workplace accidents, preventing occupational illnesses, reducing risks at workstations, and preventing major accidents.
  • To protect the environment, prevent pollution potentially caused by the company’s activities, optimize the use of renewable resources, and preserve the natural heritage. Take responsibility for the results of risk assessments and environmental aspects

  • Train and inform company personnel about our organization’s objectives regarding quality, health, safety, and the environment.

All necessary measures have been taken to provide the necessary means
for the implementation of the defined QSE Policy and to verify its
effectiveness. Every individual within the company must individually
engage in this process because the motivation and action of each person
constitute indispensable elements for the success of the company’s QSE

These commitments are translated into action plans implemented across all levels of the company, allowing for:

  • An appropriate response to our customers’ expectations.
  • Control of occupational risks generated by our activities.
  • Identification of significant environmental aspects.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.. 

To this end, we commit to: