Sarl INAUSER has enhanced its maintenance and repair services for both individuals and businesses. It’s introducing innovation with a 100% contactless service and mobile workshops. Time and safety are the primary focus for Sarl INAUSER regarding its maintenance and repair offerings. As one of the oldest automotive distributors, they aim to save time for their individual and professional clients while providing a secure environment during maintenance and repair services. As a result, two services have been introduced.




The mobile workshop by Sarl INAUSER represents the second innovation. The primary objective is to minimize vehicle downtime. In 2021, Sarl INAUSER deployed a fleet of mobile workshops that handle maintenance and repair services directly at business sites or at the homes of individual customers.

“For Sarl INAUSER’s business clients, the mobile workshop optimizes travel costs and ensures the overall efficiency of their vehicles, which are primarily work tools.”

Services offered include maintenance, engine and gearbox repairs, differential repairs, air conditioning, and bodywork, all following manufacturer standards. The introduction of these new services aligns with our commitment to increasingly support our customers’ mobility by offering straightforward solutions in terms of saving time, money, and effort. Moreover, these services minimize contacts, aligning with the current health context.